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Permanent Makeup Services

Interested in PMU services ? Most of my clients have a lot of questions and rightfully so. Besides being a large investment, it is permanently tattooed on your face. That can be a scary thought if you don't choose the right artist. I work together with each and every one of my clients to figure out exactly what shape and design best suits their face, pigment shades etc. before we even begin the procedure. I want your permanent makeup experience to be the best! Here are all the services I offer and a few details to explain. I hope this helps you, of course if you have any further questions you can always call / text or email me

Microblading *

Very natural looking brow enhancement. This technique is great for people with normal to dry skin types. The hair strokes created can fill in sparse thin brows, build arches, tails and fill in areas where the bulb of the brow is spaced to far apart. This procedure is NOT suitable for clients with oily skin.

Annual Touchups range 6 months to 1-2 years depending on skin health, life style, sun exposure etc


This Brow style is perfect for all skin types. This brow shading technique gives a full makeup look or "Glam Brow" as I like to call it, Shading darker tail to arch and the bulb of brow is lighter and soft.

 This style is very popular on social media. 

Annual Touchups range 1-3 years depending on skin health, life style sun exposure etc

Powder Brow*

This very soft shading technique and is perfect for all skin types. "Powder" actually is the way to describe the pixels created from the pigment used by the special machine shading technique. It's meant to look like they've been filled in using a soft makeup powder. But permanently.

Annual Touchups range 1-3 years depending on skin health, life style, sun exposure etc

Combination Brow*

This Brow style is great for most skin types and for clients that want the best of both worlds. It is a combination of Shading and Microblading strokes. It can be a bold style or subtle 

Annual Touchups range 1-3 years depending on skin health, life style, sun exposure etc


Perfect enhancement for any client 

Annual touchups can range up to 5+ years

Eyeliner + Shadow Shading*

Eyeliner with a soft powder shading technique that looks like eye shadow

Annual Touchups range 1-3 years

Lip Blushing*

Translucent color pop. This technique is meant to give the lips a soft subtle and sheer color enhancement

Annual Touchups range 1-2 years depending on lip hydration 

Full Lip Color*

Full coverage lip pigment, looks like lipstick 24/7

Annual Touchups range 2-3+ years depending on lip hydration

Angel Tattoo Removal*

Gentle PMU remover system

-Consultation required-

*Free Consultations on all Procedures* 

4 Day Blade & Shade Eyebrow Master Class

*4 Day Fundamentals of Microblading & Brow Shading Techniques*

 This 4-day medium paced workshop is designed to teach you everything you'll 

need to know to begin a career as a PMU Brow Artist.

You will be provided with the highest quality supplies and resources to get started.

*Online Pre-Course prior to in-person training

*Day 1- Theory

*Day 2-Practice and model demos performed by instructor 

Day 3-4-Live models performed by students

Course Details:

Introduction to Micropigmentation

Luxury Student kit with handbook, best quality products, tools and supplies.


Pre/Post Care information

Intake forms

Safety and Sanitation

Skin anatomy

Color theory

Color Correction


I.N.K inside needle knowledge

Practice material

Brow mapping

Live models

*Machine Included*

Permits & Insurance 

Certificate of Completion 

Lifetime support



                                               *Course Dates 2022*


                                                February 21-24 (Sold Out)

                                                April 11-14 (Sold Out)

                                                May 23-26

                                                June 27-30

                                                October 12-15




                                         Contact to Register

                                Financing Options Available







Student Financing Available

Trusted Industry Lenders, Secure, Inclusive and Easy!

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Learn More

3 Day Mini PMU Workshops 

 3 Day Medium paced workshops


(Choose one workshop or combine both)

 Student Kit Included

*Machine optional and available to purchase* 

Lip Blushing Course

*Online Pre-Course prior to in-person training

Day 1

Introduction to Lip Blushing

Lip Anatomy

Lip Scale Color Theory

Lip Mapping / Pre draw

Shading techniques 

Day 2-3

Live Models performed by instructor & students

Eyeliner Course

*Online Pre-Course prior to in-person training

Day 1

 Introduction to Eyeliner Enhancement

Eye Anatomy

Eyeliner designs

Mapping /Pre-Draw

Lining / Shading techniques


Live Models performed by instructor & students

Skill Level Requirements-

You should have completed a in person full fundamental cosmetic tattoo course prior to taking these advanced add on courses. This masterclass is for certified professionals only and is not a substitution for basic fundamental training.

                                              * Contact for Details *





5 Day Ultimate PMU Fundamental Course

So you’re ready to venture into the world of permanent makeup! You’ve taken the first step!

 Specially designed 5 day course has been created to provide you with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional services.

You’ll learn proper techniques along with tips and tricks to become the very best artist you can be. I will show you how to skillfully and effectively implant pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, how to select the right tools, products, colors and more.

Upon course completion and qualification, you will receive certification and be on your way to starting your new career! 

~ Courtney Cope

What’s Included ?

Complete basic One on One training so you’re ready to begin working upon completion.

Luxury Student kit with handbook

 Best quality products, tools & supplies

Online Pre-Course

Live Models

Machine & Needles.

Practice materials.

List of suppliers + Discounts

Client documents.

Lunch and refreshments.

Licensing and Insurance info

Photography, Editing and Marketing

Certificate of completion.

Lifetime -Ongoing support.

*Course Dates 2022*

January 9-13

February 6-10

March 15-19

June 1-5

July 11-15 ( Sold Out )

September 13-17


Contact to Register

Financing Options Available

Platinum 100 Hour- 7 Day

 Complete Fundamental PMU

Training Course

Not Required for NC Residents